Huge Medieval Castle

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2009 at 7:10 PM · Updated 18th Sep 2009 at 6:24 PM by Zeero

Huge medieval castle

Created by Zeero

Contains custom content from the Sims 3 Store ONLY.

So this is my first ever upload of anything Sims, but when I saw the final result of my hard labor, I thought I had to share this with the whole Sims 3 community. At first it was just supposed to be a castle-ish house, then as I worked on it, I added more and more to it and just went wild. Now, let's talk about the lot.

The castle is a huge 60x60 lot, complete with moat, drawbridge, dungeon, secret rooms, sewer system, fortress wall with barracks and so much more. It costs 659,555 unfurnished and 1,100,657 furnished. I know that's a lot of money but castles don't come cheap!

On the main floor, you can find the kitchen, the dining room, a common bathroom, the library's first floor, the throne room and an open dining and reception area.

On the first level, you have a big hallway, a walkway with a view over the throne room, a small bathroom, the library's second floor, an entertainment room, the tech room which has the modern day commodities such as a television and a stereo and a secret office accessed by either the library's second floor or the entertainment room.

On the second and more private level, there's the master's bedroom, the private study, the private bathroom, a small training room, a secret treasure room accessed by the bedroom and finally the roof and the second roof access.

The dungeon is accessed by a secret door in the reception area or in the kitchen's storage. It contains the kitchen's storage room, a pool/sewers area, an old living room, a secret lab and cells.

The outer walls contain several living areas for guards and soldiers, with two barracks furnished with several beds. It can be accessed from the inside of the walls at the front or back gate.

I paid great attention to details and used the moveobjects cheat extensively to make it as realistic as possible. Check out the details in the sewer area. Hope you like it as much as I do, I worked on this project for about 2 weeks.

Have fun!

Size: 60x60
Cost furnished: 1,100,657
Cost unfurnished: 659,555


-Pallas Bookshelf HERE
-Eleanor Chaise Lounge HERE
-Morris Curtain HERE
-Morris Wide Curtain HERE
-Dominique's Dominate Globe HERE
-Divided Partition HERE
-B. Harvard's Water Collection Set HERE
-Advantageous Washtand HERE
-Retronator Stove HERE

-Open Gears Wall Clock HERE
-Gearbuster Door HERE
-Galileo's Observer HERE

CASTLE (Everything BUT the bed)
-Destiny Dining Chair HERE
-Lord & Lady Living Room Chair HERE
-Fleur De Luce Chandelier HERE
-Beacon Of Brightness Floor Lamp HERE
-Lord & Lady Loveseat HERE
-Treasures Of The Realm Chest HERE
-The Great Lord So-& So's Shield & Sword HERE
-The Banner Of The Bold HERE
-Knighting Of Sir Asad HERE
-Troubadour Table HERE
-Destiny Dining Table HERE
-Noble End Table HERE

-II-Stand Hamper HERE

-Nordichop HERE
-Das BrauenMeister HERE
-Empireline Larder HERE
-Overachieving Plate Rack HERE
-Vorn Sink HERE
-Aurora Lush Style Waste Receptacle HERE

-Puzzle Stool HERE
-Arts & Crafts Bookshelf HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Dining Chair HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Living Chair HERE
-Handicraft Columns HERE
-Infinite Curtains HERE
-Eleganza Drapes HERE
-Private Study Door HERE
-Chester's Wide Drawers HERE
-Serious Artist Easel HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Loveseat HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Bench HERE
-Chalkboard Mirror HERE
-Treasure Box HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Coffee Table HERE
-The Longest Table HERE
-Puzzle End Table HERE

-Antique Chronometer HERE
-Romantique Floor Mirror HERE
-Wide Romantique Wall Mirror HERE
-In The Park By Awalck HERE
-Statue Of An Unknown Seamstress HERE
-Towel Drying Stand HERE
-Neoclassical Amphora HERE

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 1,100,657