"Casa Bella" Furnished, No CC

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Located in a beautiful exquisite rolling hills community, nesting in a lovely landscaped garden. It is known for it's Mediterranean architecture touches of a flat reddish-brown tiled roof, wrought iron fences, balconies, stucco walls, and European design windows, doors.

Beautiful artifacts of pottery, statues, inlaid mosaic stones and marble floors, mosaic walls in rich deep colors. "Bella" in Italian language simply means beautiful.

This home have been played & tested Nightlife EP is needed.

Amenities Details: Two stories levels

Grand hall entry
Living area
2 Bedroom each with private bath.
Kitchen and Dining area.
2 Bathroom
Indoor pool
Courtyard for family fun.

NOTE: Check out pictures for a look inside. ( Walls are down )
My wish is that you and your sims will truly enjoy this home.

A member brought this to my attention, if you should have children in this house please remove the "Shrubs" by the curbs side, so that the children can get on and off the school bus. When I tested this home I did not have children in it, other than that all is good.

All Comments Or Just A Click On Thank You Would Be So Nice " Please Do So."

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 229, 247

Additional Credits:
Thanks to "Numenor" For your Any Game Starter.
Thanks to members 1ove, Stale Muffin, Solid Gold Funk 84, happy Simming, for you all help in finding me a picture program to work with.
Thanks MTS Staff, and Site helpers.