Daluved1's Bright Eye Default/Contacts

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Uploaded 19th Sep 2009 at 3:16 AM · Updated 29th Sep 2009 at 2:31 PM by daluved1 : Added Contact Version

So, stepping out of my comfort zone, I branched into something a little different.

One thing I hated about the EA eyes were how dull they were. And, even most of the custom eyes out there are very dark and gloomy (no offense to any creators). So I decided to try my hand at making my own set of eyes, called the "Bright Eyes" set.

What makes my eyes unique is that they are noticeably brighter and they have a somewhat jeweled glassy effect to them.

Another thing that irked me about the default EA eyes are how big and cartoony they are, so I made my eyes a little bit smaller than original ones (10% smaller to be exact).

These eyes are completely recolorable, and they show up for all ages and genders.

Remember these are default replacements so you'll have to remove any other default replacement eyes to use these. Also you might have to delete your simcompositer cache file to get the eyes to regenerate on preexisting sims.

I also added a contacts version of these because I realized that some pre-existing sims looked pretty freaky with the default replacements So to use these, go to the costume makeup section in CAS and look for the Bright Eyes thumbnail. And unlike a lot of contacts, these are completely recolorable as if they were the sims genetic eyes

You may (of course) use these for sims and such, just please link back here for the download instead of including the eyes in your upload.

And just like with everything else, uploads of my content to the exchange and/or paysites are frowned upon :D

Additional Credits:
Red Adult Female Hair - HP (MTS)
Red Adult Female Brows - Me
Brown Adult Female Hair - Peggy Sims (Free)
Brown Adult Female Brows - Me
Blond Toddler Female Hair -Wojtek0 (MTS)

Default Replacement Skin (face) - Aikea_Guinea at Club Crimsyn
Default Replacement Skin (body) - HP (MTS)

Blue Dress - Liana Sims
White Toddler Dress - Around the Sims
Earrings - Rose Sims

Eye Type: Custom Default Contacts
Eye Style: Human Anime

Tags: #eyes, #bright, #pretty, #jewel, #glassy, #contacts, #anime