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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2009 at 5:50 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2009 at 8:07 PM
Here's my next set of room-type-category clutter. This time it's for kids! There's so few kids' stuff in the game, I really should have made more items already. But it takes ages, so for now, I hope this will do.

There is a jar of crayons, a flat paper doll, some toy blocks with letters on them, and a pairless sock, these are the first meshes that I made completely on my own (yeah I know they're pretty basic :p) Made several attempts at a proper doll but I failed miserably, so I guess that's up to someone more experienced to make I made the wall ornament train placeable anywhere, and there is also a waterpaint box.

The crayons jar, the sock and the dress of the doll are recolorable, the train also has 3 recolorable channels like the original. They can all be found in Decorative/Misc, and also in Kids/Misc (easier to find there) and all cost 40ยง.

I added a bonus, the baby basket made buyable, it's not a new mesh but I think it is a cool item that hasn't been uploaded yet and it is recolorable too in 3 parts.

Polygon Counts:
Crayons: 408 faces, 368 vertices
Letterblocks: 42 faces, 84 vertices
Paint box: 45 faces, 61 vertices
Lost sock: 214 faces, 161 vertices
Train: 778 faces, 1070 vertices
Doll: 450 faces, 550 vertices

Additional Credits:
The wood pattern and the green carpet pattern in the screenshots are by Tammy Trauma.

Thanks to:
Inge & Peter Jones for S3OC and S3PE Wes Howe for the Object Tool and plugins.