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Drezella Relute - "They said 'Rest in Peace'" (1)

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2009 at 11:57 PM
Updated: 21st Sep 2009 at 2:20 AM
"Sims Daily News

Drezella Relute was found dead the other night, unfortunatly her husband is missing. Friends of theirs say they went out for a night of fun. Although autopsy results aren't in, the coroner suspects homicide. After tedious work, nothinig was found dirrecting the Medical Examiner to beleive that she had no health problems.

Sims, beware, there may be a murderer in the neighbor hood"

- A Few Days Later -

"Sims Daily News

Drezella Relute, was found earlier this week dead, and although the autopsy results are still not in, something shocking has happend: She lives, or does she? Her skin is remains cold to the touch, and grey. Her face has hollowed out, her eyes sunkin in.

The Medical Examiner has been admited to a mental facility to help deal with the shock of re-examining her body in the morning to find her living, although her heart not beating.

'She just opened her eyes and looked at me,' the Medical Examiner said in tears, 'then she got up and didn't say anything until she got to the door, when she inhailed it was raspy. She asked me where her husband was, I was in such shock I couldn't bring myself to reply, so she just left.'

The police are requesting that every sim keep an open eye for her, and call them imideatly if they discover her."

To get her to look EXACTLY how she does download:

Hair by XM Sims

Formal Dress by Liana Sims3

BODY Skin by PeggyZone

Moonlight faces by Kanno

Death to EA eyes by theonlyonetwo

Slider Hack by Delphy