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Serenity Statue Conversion From Ts2 Apartment Life 3 Small Sizes

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2009 at 5:32 PM
This is my second conversion I have completed and I am really new to meshing. I have for you today a conversion I did of the Serenity Statue that was from TS2 Apartment Life! I really missed this statue so I decided to convert it for ts3
There are 3 sizes small, medium and large. The small was originally scaled down by pixi1971 @ black pearl sims. These are not recolorable. I also had to edit the top and remove it as no matter how many times I tried editing it to look right it looked very flat. I hope that you guys like this as much as I have converting them.The objects can be found under misc decor and decor all the prices for these objects are 25 sim dollars each. The custom icon is of a bronze peacock statue. Now for the fun stuff Pics and Poly info

Credit goes to Peter L Jones and Inge Jones for their S3PE and object cloner
Wes H for his milkshape plug in

Maxis for the original statue

Pixi1971 for her scaled down version of this statue

Polygon Counts:
Small Statue
Total faces = 1388, Total Vertices = 973
Medium Statue
Total faces = 1388, Total Vertices = 973
Large Statue
Total faces = 1388, Total Vertices = 973