Struggling Artist's Pension

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2009 at 12:59 AM
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Hey everybody,

This is similar to my World Class Nanny NPC Career: ( ). I offered to upload it if there was any interest and yes there is! Yay!

Made with Darren Dreamer in mind, this career provides stability for sims who feel the creative pull but cannot afford to take the risk!

The Struggling Artist's Pension:
The weekly trip to the Dole office!
10-11am every Tuesday and Thursday
Promotions (with pay rises) occur with each new creativity point gained, pay starts at $100/week (50/day) and rises to $400 (200/day).
There are no chance cards.
I originally made this as a once-a-week job but there are so few opportunities for promotion that way, so I changed it to twice a week and cut each payment in half. If it needs more tweaking please let me know!

Enjoy :-)

Additional Credits:
*High fives MTS*