Downtown European Corner Community Lot

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2009 at 6:29 PM
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I think this building fits perfect with the rest of the standard Maxis downtown community lots and decoration.

I created this 40x40 community lot making it fit with the rest of the down town buildings. Because of the paintings inside the restaurant, the game recognizes it as if it was an art gallery. But of course you can visit the lot to practice some creative skills, play some chess or pay an expensive “eat all you can” lunch for $ 250 every time you serve yourself.

I used as much as possible content from the base game and the cc that I used can be easily replaced by some content from the base game, e.g. fences and double door.

Unfurnished: $ 113.180
Furnished: $ 240.135

A short description

Lower/Main Floor
Terrace and Self service restaurant
1st Floor
restrooms & bar
2d Floor
Study & relax room (with chess tables)
3rd Floor
Caballetes and chess tables

If you want these items to appear in your game, you will need to purchase them at The Sims 3 Online Store.

Window Insulator/Aislante
Window/Insulator Bay Mirador Window
Fences Estate/Gran Finca (Balconies)
Victorian Windows Ventana Omnisciente/ Window of all knowing
Victorian Door Archibald/Aurelio

As always, thanks for downloading and enjoy!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $ 240.135

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Roof with white outlines, by Tammy trauma: