Petite Gothique: 5 Corset Dress Tops + 2 NEW High-Heeled Boots Bottoms Meshes

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Uploaded: 27th Sep 2009 at 3:58 AM
Updated: 4th Oct 2009 at 6:24 AM - text edit
UPDATE 10/4/09: I realised that the tops were not showing up in young adult. I have included a new file marked (Uni+) that has young adult tops. These tops will also show up in the adult section, so if you have already downloaded these tops and have Uni, simply delete the old tops, unless you want two of each in your adult category....

Yet another one of my spectacular creations............

I'm kinda taking a small break from the Neon homeworld to bring you something a bit darker. This is my corsetted dress top masterpiece. A few of you have been awaiting this with some anticipation. Sorry it took so long, but I was waiting for someone to make me some boots to go with it. Well now the wait is over... be carefull not to pee your pants.

Again this is a two piece everyday outfit in five colors. You can mix and match with the two boots bottoms, or any other bottoms out there. Pretty sexy huh?

The tops are shiny taffeta with a black brocade silk corset. The corset texture is borrowed from Maxis, and the dress texture is partially from Szabolon's Mythical Dance Outfits, which she so nicely let me use. They require HystericalParoxysm's Alpha Editable Dress Top Mesh, which you can find Here. There is a fat morph, but if you want preggers too, you'll have to download CatOfEvilGenius's preg morph for it Here and of course Squinge's Pregnancy Wear Anything Hack, which you can find Here, but I don't think you'd really want a corset for pregnancy......lord knows what it might do to your little simmie
The file marked (Uni+) is for those who have University and any other expansion. This has young adult tops that will also show in the adult category.
The file not marked is for basegame, or anybody who just doesn't have Uni.

The high-heeled boots bottoms are new meshes by Nth. I have to thank Nth again for being so kind as to fill my request. There are two different boots, one that is thigh high and a bit more gothy, and one that is knee high and a bit more traditional. I made one of each plain, and one of each with nylons. The alpha for the nylons comes from the Roadshow skirts by Ghanima, which she was also kind to let me use. The heels have the proper heel sounds on the proper surfaces. I don't think these meshes have a pregnant morph, and I didn't check to see if they have a fat morph or not. The texture for the boots comes from my Risque Business outfit. I swear they look much better in game. The meshes for the boots are included in the download. Nth has given permission to recolor and distribute this mesh, but please only to free sites and also give Nth credit.

Please Enjoy the Delectable Gothness of your Download!!!!

Known Issues:
There is not any problems with clipping or distortion that I've seen in normal sim actions (such as walking, dancing, sitting), but there is a major distortion problem with the thigh high boots in poseboxes. I've only seen clipping and distortion while using poseboxes so far. If anyone wants to take the time to fix it be my guest. I'm not going to bother Nth about it because it is such a minor thing.

Custom Content Pictured in Screenshots:
Hair - My Good Opinion Once Lost Is Lost For Ever, Helga #30 Nouked by Jenfold
Sofa - Inevitable Sofa, Recolors of Helga's Victoria Living Sofa by Bosie
Drapes - Victorian/Gothic Set Drapes by Adele
Candles - Candid by Candlelight by Buggybooz
Poses - Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack by Decorgal21572

Additional Credits:
Huge Props to Nth for the bottoms meshes!!! Thanx again soooo much for filling my request.

And to Szabolon and Ghanima for use of their textures and alphas.

Also thanks again to HystericalParoxysm for the awesome dress top mesh.