Skyborough Estate

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2009 at 4:19 AM
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A brick and rock facade confer to this typical suburban home a more classical feel. With 3 bedrooms and a lot of space, it’s fit for a family of 5-6.

After sometime without my computer, I finally get around finishing this house. The front exterior of the house is based on a real house plan I found a while ago on the web.

Again, I bring you another corner lot (the driveway goes to the right). The house has a spacious covered porch in the backyard, with access to the pool and a cozy greenhouse.

Main floor
In the main floor, we have a 2-story hallway (with a 2-story window that goes to the attic) and the common rooms: dining and living room, an all-wood office, and a big kitchen, with built-in the wall fridge (the TV is from the base game, I just used Qbuilderz' Acrostacking technique (here) to put it like that).

Upper floor and Attic
Lastly, the 3 bedrooms are all in the 2nd floor. All of them have a private bathroom and there’s an extra guest bath.
The attic features a media and game room.

Lot details
Lot size: 30x30
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Price furnished: 187.040 §
Price unfurnished: 83.292 §

Custom content
You’ll need to download the following items:
- Green Roofs W/White Trims in 8 Shades, by tammy_trauma
- "Ye Olde Window" aka Colonial Windows II, by HugeLunatic
- A Stair for Every Sim, by Srikandi (only the white ones are needed)
Also, I used the following items from the Store:
- Eleanor Chaise Lounge
- Archibald Door
- Johan Arch
- Archibald Arch
- Washington's Fireplace Deluxe
The door, arches and the lounge can easily be replaced by base game ones, I just think they look a little bit better.

The location I used for the lot, in Sunset Valley, is 442 Skyborough Blvd (corner lot)
One thing about the covered porch: half is covered by roof and the other half has “beams with plants” (don’t really know how that’s called). I used the “constrainfloorelevation” cheat for this (to lower it a tiny bit, so it lands on the roof and columns), so just be careful when building around it, using the cheat.