Male pregnancy morphs for teens - update 12/27/2012, Seasons compatible, first set fixed

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Uploaded: 11th Oct 2009 at 4:12 PM
Updated: 28th Dec 2012 at 9:57 PM - Update
Here are pregnant morphs added to 17 items of teen male Sim clothing. As with my morphs for adults, male Sim teens can have a baby bump that grows as the pregnancy advances, and disappears after the birth.

These work the same way as for Sim women and don't replace or otherwise affect the normal game outfits. The nude body also will look pregnant. There are enough items of clothing to provide at least one possible outfit for each category. The baby bump becomes noticeable and gets big at about the same rate as for the females, depending on the length of pregnancy you're playing.

If you have any non-morph male pregnancy meshes, please delete them before using these. These meshes are completely compatible with my adult male pregnancy morphs. It would also be a good idea to delete your cache files the first time you use them. contains all the base game clothing as separate packages. contains the same clothing in one combined package. Install only one! contains the Seasons parka. Download it only if you have Seasons.

All clothes will appear in CAS as separate items with a custom thumbnail showing the EA pregnancy icon. This way, you can plan pregnancy clothing before the sim gets pregnant.

Polygon Counts:
These are morphs and don't add polygons.

HP's skins are used in the pictures.

Additional Credits:
The contributors to SimsWiki for info that got me started figuring out the morph structure

Echo for Postal

P L Jones for S3PE Wes H for his Milkshape Plugins

Delphy for CTU and for this site

Update 12/23/12:
Seven more clothing items added.
The jackets and long pants are enabled as Outerwear.
The Seasons-only parka will only work if you have Seasons installed.

Update 12/27/12:
The first set of clothes is updated:
  • Everything in both sets will now fit together with no gaps
  • The first set has custom thumbnails