2009 Honda Fit (Jazz)

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Uploaded 6th Oct 2009 at 2:32 PM · Updated 7th Oct 2009 at 7:18 PM by battousan : update, wrong speed..

When I was on a trip to visit my hometown three weeks ago (on Idul Fitri occasion),
I saw this car bypassing me more than a dozen times, and I think it's quite cool, so I decided to make it.
After googling around to find free 3d model, the only ones available is too highpoly (around 400k)
Since using directx mesh tool / blender's poly reduce doesn't produce nice results, I had no choice but to retopo/remodel it.
After the remodeling is done, there's the wheelbase problem.
Of course I won't be doing such a time consuming process of remodeling if I haven't got any solution to mod the skeletons/rig to match the car's wheelbase.
so, as a follow-up to my thread regarding object skeletons mod,
and as a tribute to Wes Howe and ChaosMageX who helped me,
I present you :
The all new 2009 Honda Fit (it's called Honda Jazz here in Indonesia)

Object Properties :
Cloned from : CarHatchback (Wornado Triage)
CAST parts : Body, Rims, Spoiler (rear-wing)
Buy mode category : Vehicles
In-game Name : 2009 Honda Fit
Price : § 5,200
Speed : 4

That's all, enjoy the best selling compact city car from the country of the rising sun !!

Polygon Counts:
8313 vertices / 8258 faces

Additional Credits:
honda.co.jp, blender.org,
Aziza Zadeh (archibase.net), for the reference model
tazpn from NeverwinterNights2 community, for NWN2 MDB utilities which includes a 3DS max granny 3d importer plugin.
obsidianent.com, for the granny exporter.
WesHowe, Thank you soo much for S3ObjTool v1.00, it's now easier to see the results after HexEditing the joints !
ChaosMageX, Thanks for pointing out the orders of the twelve floats (Who would've thought I had to learn matrix math to do this mod)
Peter & Inge for their great tools,
MTS for hosting it !!

Update 08 oct 2009 :
- fixed the shadows
- fixed visible seam on CAST part #2 (spoiler)
- foglamp turned on

Car Type: Hatchback
Car Era: 2000s

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