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The Phantom's Opera House

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2009 at 9:08 PM
This community lot registers as an art gallery but there is quite a bit for your simmies to do. There is a stage, dressing room, prop storage, computer room, tv lounge, reading room, and dining area. Just off the backstage door is a private garden with a fishing pond for actors wanting to take a break. $269k furnished/$144 unfurnished on 40x40 lot size.

This was built as a special project over at the Exchange called " A Town for Tessa". Tessa is an 8 year old girl who died from a brain tumor last week. She enjoyed the sims and her uncle built a house for her...which lead to a whole neighborhood being planned. Unfortunately she never got to see it. She liked mystery and adventure and the colors white and maroon, so the town is being built around those ideas. Here is the link for the project: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/111655.page

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $269k