Simtopia: 5 Hoods (Municipal, Mountain, Lake, Island & Delta)

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2009 at 5:42 PM
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~*~*~*~Simtopia Neighborhood Maps~*~*~*~

Welcome to Simtopia - the first ever Sim Utopia!

Sim Utopia is the ultimate Sims 2 neighborhood. With Sims 3 being all the RAGE for many, I wanted to create a complete Sims 2 neighborhood for those of us who are loyal Sims 2 fans using all available Maxis/EA objects from all Sims 2 Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs. The idea is that Simtopia will be the ideal neighborhood for Simming with smaller lots, simple layouts that are Sim friendly, little to no user objects (with the exception of decorative themed objects for specific businesses) and literally hundreds of functional decorated lots (both commercial and residential) to choose from.

The complete Simtopia Project (if I ever complete it) will include a total of 100 uploaded sets (1 set of maps, 30 sets of every conceivable Commercial Lot you can imagine, 59 sets of a variety of Residential Lots including apartments, dorms and vacation lots and 10 Sets of "Special" Lots). Each set will include 4 or more lots.

Because of the mammoth size of the project, I decided to upload the neighborhood map set first and to link all additional downloads to the maps as they become available. In this way you can decorate your neighborhoods as each set is released!


This set includes 5 Simtopia Neighborhood Maps. Each zip folder includes 1 .SC4 file and 5 .PNG files - 6 files total. All 6 files should be placed in your C:\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SC4Terrains folder.

The neighborhoods are NOT decorated. All decorated images are the Main .PNG files.


The following 5 neighborhoods are included in the downloads:

1. Simtopia Municipal District (see images at the end of post)

2. Simtopia Mountain District (see images at the end of post)

3. Simtopia (Crater) Lake District (see images at the end of post)

4. Simtopia Island District

5. Simtopia Delta (Bay) District

Please click on the additional images at the end of the thread to see details of each of the 5 neighborhoods!



* Added a 5th Simtopian Neighborhood (Delta District) - a request by BrEaKsYsTeM
*Revised the Lake District and the Mountain District to fix sizing and bridge design issues
* Separated, revised and renamed the OLD Lake and Mountain Districts as an additional download


Beach lots can be placed on the Island District, the Lake District and the Delta District!


The Simtopia neighborhood has been designed so Simmers can pick and choose between 5 neighborhoods when building your own Simtopia community. The Municipal District is intended to be the hub of Simtopia, but feel free to build your community as you like.


Click on the Related Pages link to grab the Simtopia lots! Also, see my Journal for upcoming Simtopia downloads.