**Outdated**: Recolours of the "Panic Rouser Fire Alarm"

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2009 at 8:00 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2012 at 12:05 PM - Outdated due to availability of a CASTable version made by CyberBob78
*Edit (2012-06-17): CyberBob78 made a great CASTable (and shiftable) version of the Panic Rouser Fire Alarm so these recolours are no longer needed. Please download the CASTable version here , thank you!

*Edit (2012-03-01): All files are still working fine in game - tested with game version

*Edit (2010-04-25): All files were checked with the newest update version ( - they still work fine in game and can be used both with the base game and also with the latest expansion pack "Luxury Accessoires", however, no expansion pack is required for these files.

*Edit (2009-10-18): I fixed the titel name of the red package which didn't show the colour name in game. If you'd like to replace the old file, please download "PanicRouserFireAlarm_fixed_RED.rar" seperately (you don't need to re-download the whole rar package). My apologies for the inconvenience - please replace the old file with this new one. Also, I added a new copper recolour which looks more natural, I think. This is a new colour and NOT included in the big rar file with all other colours - please download the "PanicRouserFireAlarm_New_Copper.rar" file seperately.

* * * * *

With a fire alarm your Sims immediately know if their home is on fire, however, you no longer need to bother them with Maxis' greyish original of the "Panic Rouser Fire Alarm"....

The recolours will fit perfectly to the interiour of your Sims' houses and they all have a shiny metallic look. My little counterpart Sim tested all the recolours of the fire alarm extensively in game (see last picture)...

The recolours don't replace the original and they all show up with their own thumbnail pictures.

You'll find the recolours next to the original "Panic Rouser Fire Alarm" in game in the buy category > electronics > misc. electronics and the price for the fire alarm is 100 $imoleons (same for original and all recolours).

Enjoy the new colours![/CENTER]

Additional Credits:
Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE and S3OC Xanathon for writing the Tutorial: Clone A Painting and change the Texture [...]