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Vintage Back to School Collection - Hunter Green part 5

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2009 at 2:48 AM
Lots of school clothes for little girls in shades of green, gold and tan. In the '40s and '50s little girls still wore dresses/skirts most of the time. Occasionally 'dungarees' might be worn at home or for very casual occasions like picnics, etc. But for school and dress occasions girls wore skirts. So here are a selection of dresses and also a skirt with three different coordinating tops.

First is a shirtwaist style in a leafy pale olive print that uses the vintage girls' mesh from All About Style which is included. It is accessorized with brown suede oxfords.

For the little girl who likes to feel dressed up all the time we have a tan stylized print in a princess style with a contrasting braided 'belt' and ornamental buttons around the neck. This uses Kiararawks SLGballgown mesh which can be found here. Dark brown Maryjane shoes are a perfect match.

Next is a dress for the kindergarteners. Fashioned in the Shirley Temple style in a sage and orange print, it has coordinating striped socks and high topped white 'baby' shoes. It uses the shirley mesh from All About Style, which is included.

Last in this row is a dress for that incipient knowledge sim. It's done in a dark algae green with a pattern of flying saucers in chartreuse. A chartreuse collar highlights the v-neck while a shaped belt with an oversized asymmetrical buckle accents the waist. Black suede oxfords accompany it. This uses the little girls mesh by Bettye which can be found here.

The second row begins with another shirtwaist that uses the hunter, gold an tan print that was used for the neckscarf for the teen jumper outfit.

Next is the girl's version of the hunter green jumper itself. It is accompanied by a gold check shirt. Both these outfits use the same All About Style mesh as the first dress above. You can see the original teen jumpers here.

Third is another dressy princess style with a high waist which is done in a chartreuse leafy print and accented with an olive tie belt and matching socks worn with black MaryJanes. This uses the sundress mesh by fakepeeps7 which can be found here.

Last in this row is a hunter skirt with a gold and green flower print swing top. Meshes for both of these are by fakepeeps7. Links below.

Here are closeups of the above skirt and swing top. Skirt mesh can be found here and the top mesh here.

The two peasant tops use the Maxis mesh from Open for Business

Below are some details of fabric and accents from the dresses.

Package file names match the hover text tags and include an abbreviation of the mesh name for aid in organizing.

Note: The only items that require Open for Business are the two peasant tops. Everything else should work fine in base game or any combination of expansion packs.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Judie of All About Style and to Bettye, Kiararawks and fakepeeps7 for their great meshes. I love working with these and seeing how many different ways I can use them.

And special thanks to Sharpie42 for suggesting the idea of making coordinating clothes for the whole family to match the teen jumpers.