Bathroom Accessories Set - 17 New Objects (Meshes), painting recolor

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Enjoy your daily bubble bath, have a duck time, form your body shape and decorate your bathroom in own style.
17 new objects (meshes) are included in this set and painting recolor in addition.

This set contains functional and decorative items. Several items you can place on a sink or on a bathtub. All objects in this set are recolorable except of painting. The painting is already a recolor of the game painting. You can recolor objects with Create-A-Style game tool.

- Place Shampoo or Lotion Pump on the bathtub that Sim can take a bubble bath!
- Soap is animated. Place Soap on the bathtub and after bathing a moodlet of your Sim will be increased on 15 points (works as Rubber Duck).
- Use Weight Scale to change a body shape of your Sim. It works like body sculptor.

Other objects have functionality of destiny objects or they are decorative.

All objects don't override base game objects. They are affordable in game Buy Mode catalog. All decorations including weight scale you can find in Decoratios - Misc. Wall cabinets you can find in surfaces - wall cabinets. Curtains are in decorations - curtains.

Important part:
* use “moveobjects on” cheat to place end table under sink. Nevertheless Sim is able to route to the sink without a failure.
* bathroom curtains could be placed at the bathtub without a cheat from any side of bathtub. Sim will be able to use bathtub anyway.
* you might need to use “moveobjects on” cheat to stack 2 wall cabinets together.
* you can put bathtub decoration under any bathtub without a cheat. Use "ALT" key to move it on the desirable position.

In this topic you will download mesh and a recolor on this picture. My custom pattern on the objects will be transferred with those recolors.

Polygon Counts:
Curtains Faces=684/Vertices=537
Shampoo Faces=276/Vertices=168
Soap Faces=44/Vertices=48
Shaving Set Faces=948/Vertices=758
Hair Brush Faces=232/Vertices=343
Lotion Pump Faces=448/Vertices=286
Toothbrush holder Faces=668/Vertices=842
Switcher Faces=224/Vertices=229
Weight scale Faces=304/Vertices=174
Rug Faces=36/Vertices=37
Bathtub deco Faces=40/Vertices=52
Bathroom towels Faces=236/Vertices=194
Sink table Faces=36/Vertices=72
Sink Faces=566/Vertices=510
Mirror Faces=180/Vertices=242
Wall Cabinet Faces=347/Vertices=295
Corner Wall Cabinet Faces=156/Vertices=200
Painting - game mesh

Additional Credits:
Credit to the S3OC and S3PE programs.