Whipped Cream Lipstick (Fixed 16 Dec 09)

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2009 at 9:31 PM
Updated: 16th Dec 2009 at 11:42 AM
Because what's a better topping for pudding than whipped cream?

I wanted a nice detailed lip for TS3 that looked natural yet soft and creamy. After a while of experimenting and looking at existing decent lips, I came up with this: Whipped Cream Lipstick.

Featuring 3 colour channels, this lipstick is highly customizable: from dark and dramatic to soft and natural, it works well for both genders, looking smooth and kissable.

It will not generally look good in the default lipstick colours: the top colour swatch will need to be darkened/toned down somewhat, but as you can see in my screenshot showing various colours, it is quite versatile if you fiddle around with the colour settings a bit, and you can even do a fairly large contrast in shades and still have it look nice.

Custom Thumbnail - For Easy Sharing:

This lipstick has a custom thumbnail in CAS so you can figure out easily which one it is if you would like to use it on sims to share (and the .package file is named descriptively for easy searching of Mods\Packages). You may include this lipstick with your sims - just make sure to package it separately with the .sim or .sims3pack file as it won't be included automatically, and to just add a credit and a link for it whereever it's posted.

Fixed 16 Dec 09:

I fixed an issue with the lipstick not showing up properly. It should now show correctly for both genders and all ages teen and up.


Thanks go to mouseyblue for the lips on her skintone which I used as a base for the ambient. The rest of the textures are handpainted after looking at some pretty lips by Channy & Viv.

Thanks also to Delphy for CTU and for bugfixes (why do I always find the weirdest bugs?).