Spring Zephyr - Requested 5 bedrooms house

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Fully landscaped home for a really big family with lots of flower in the garden.

No pool, or lake because of the
requester’s desire, but there is enough
space to do it, if you want.

Numbers of bedrooms/bathrooms:
Toilet/s: One
Bathrooms: Five – one is ensuite for the parents
Bedrooms: Five
Bedrooms’ type: One for the babies
(arranging is practical,
because the nursery is near the master bedroom
one teen girl room,
one teen boy room,
a room for the child
and of course one room for the parents.
All of the bedrooms finding on the second floor.

First floor’s description:
Living room, dining room,
kitchen, one toilet, one bathroom and a playroom.

Second floor’s description:

Living room, five bedrooms, four bathrooms

And finally about the little room in the garage.
This is empty so you can furnish it at your sim's desire.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 304770$