St. Simian-in-the-Brothel

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Uploaded: 18th Nov 2009 at 3:31 AM
Not much is known about St. Simian, except that he prefered his women the same way he prefered his wine- nicely aged.

- There are no washrooms or anything else of particular value on the site.
- Outside your church is a rather ugly excavation. Fear not! In fact, that's your Emergency Church Repair Kit™! In case you decide to screw around and end up messing up while having the 'constrainfloorelevation' cheat enabled, just use those to fix up any wonky parts.

The light tiles are for the lower roof, while the darker tiles are for the flying buttresses. In case you feel that you do not need to alter this church, feel free to flatten out these out!

Required Content

Deco 2 Story Colonial Column
"Ye Olde Window" aka Colonial Windows II

Optional Content
Magique Arch
Statue of an Unknown Seamstress

Lot Size: 6x3
Lot Price: $313,467