Two Shiva OUTFITS: FFVII and FFXII - Revenant Wings

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2009 at 8:58 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2009 at 2:15 AM
I am well aware that your Shiva will look bland without the appropriate hair and skin and whatever else she needs. Therefore, you can download the FULL SIMS at my website including hair, skin and accessories I did not make available here.

Two Shiva outfits, one oldschool and one new.

Shiva from Final Fantasy VII wears a little pink wrap-kini. You need an alpha mesh by OwaizooDE. I included the diamond bindi in the download.

Shiva from Revenant Wings was done with some creative license. She is missing the fur boa but Peggy Sims has some nice ones you might want to give to her. The markings are on her skin and are not a part of the outfit. She wears a little cape with snowflakes at the end.
For the Shiva Revenant Wings outfit you need mesh #U24 at LianaSims.
For the Shiva Revenant Wings cape you need General Zoi’s alpha cape.
For the crown you need a Chinese headdress mesh at SimsHeaven. The site seems to be down so I have included the mesh.