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Books Buyable Anywhere *Updated for Ambitions - REDOWNLOAD*

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2009 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2010 at 9:24 PM - Updated to work with Ambitions
Once again I bring you a "Don't have to go on holiday just because you forgot to buy something!" mod. This tiny XML tuning mod will make all location-specific recipe books, fish-catching instructional books and skill books buyable in any bookshop in the world.

This has been updated to work with the Ambitions expansion pack. It now comes in two flavours:

1. All books, including recipes and the new EP skill books, are available to buy in the home neighbourhood and all vacation books are available in all vacation neighbourhoods.

2. Only the recipes and fish catching books are available to buy anywhere, skill books remain locked to their respective neighbourhood.

Only choose one of these for your game. Redownload and put in your Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Ambitions\Mods folder - don't forget to move the Resource.cfg and d3dx9_31.dll files too! See Install Instructions for more info.

Before you all ask me about the Ambitions skills, only Inventing is learnable from a book and that is already available to buy by default. The other skills (Sculpting for example) your Sims have to learn by doing the activities.

Installation: You must have World Adventures and Ambitions installed to use this mod (it doesn't matter if you have HELS as far as I can tell). If this is the first mod you've installed you need to do a little file arranging to get the mod to install properly, instructions can be found on the Install Instructions page.

This mod is not compatible with any other mods that change the Books XML, so any mods that make books buyable/more expensive/library-enabled will be incompatible - for example, Speedy Books or Missing Books. When installing a new expansion pack it's best to delete ALL of your old mods anyway, as most likely, errors will occur otherwise.

Other Buyables: SimsMX has made a mod (or pair of mods, really) that make the nectar maker, shower in a can, cameras, training dummy etc etc. buyable in Buy Mode. I will not be making a mod to make those items buyable in a shop as his mod is a much better idea and much better implemented. Go download his mod if you want to be able to buy the new equipment at home!

The list of books that have been changed is as follows.

Originating in France

L'amour de Nectar: An Introductory Reader
Nectar Making: The Culture, The Lifestyle
Advanced Nectarology
French Delicacies: Capturing Frogs, Snails and Crawfish
Cheese Plate
Bouillabaisse recipe
Crepes recipe
Frogs Legs recipe

Originating in China

Martial Arts Vol. 1: Wax on Philosophic
Delicate Decorations: Katching Kawarimono Koi (and Doitsu)
The Art of Koi Ponds: Ochiba and Tancho
Mythical Fish Volume 1: Discovering Dragons
Egg Rolls recipe

Originating in Egypt

Dead-ly Delights: Catching Crocodiles and Mummyfish
Falafel recipe

The first Photography book, Taking off the Lens Cap, is also available in any bookshop with this mod. Martial Arts and Photography can only be increased beyond level three with practice of the skills themselves, Nectar Making is the only new skill that can be learned all the way up to Master with books.

Note that Home Neighbourhood recipes (Ratatouille to Ambrosia), the original skill books and the home neighbourhood fish books do not appear in bookshops abroad. This is a game feature and not a problem with this mod. To buy all the game's recipes, skills and fish books in one place you will have to use the bookshop in the Home Neighbourhood.

I have playtested this mod extensively and found no problems, however if you find a problem please post.