Open underneath Maxis stairs with passage fixes

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Uploaded 6th Dec 2009 at 3:59 AM · Updated 5th Dec 2009 at 8:09 PM by Le Carrera

I really loved these no-supports versions of the Maxis basegame modular stairs, which were made by crocobaura. However, I was fairly annoyed that, despite all the space, objects, doors and windows still could not be placed under them.

They could still be placed underneath with the aid of the "moveobjects on" cheat; however, doors and a few certain objects placed this way were not usable.

I did some tweaking with SimPE, and now that problem is no more. Doors, windows, and all objects can now be placed under these stairs without the cheat, and are fully functional (Sims will no longer complain about route blockage).

This is great for people who want to be a little more creative with their building designs, or for those who are trying to be conservative with floor space.

I take no credit for this creation. I basically stole this idea from Lord Darcy, and credit goes to him for his instructions on how to alter the BHAVs. All of the credit goes to crocobaura, since these were made by her and all I did was plop the needed BHAVs into the files. This took me all of 10 minutes to accomplish.

All of these stairs are fully basegame compatible. I included all of crocobaura's stairs, with the exception of the "Holy Smokes" stairs since they already had the no supports fix by default.

These are only the package files. You still need to make the necessary changes to the "modularstairs" file in the Scripts folder in order for these to appear in the catalog, please refer to here and here for instructions on how to do so.

This is my very first upload here, so please let me know if I made any mistakes, or if anyone experiences problems.

Happy Simming!

Polygon Counts:
Less than the original Maxis versions of these stairs!