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The Farmer's House

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2009 at 2:36 PM
Updated: 30th Nov 2009 at 6:19 PM
I continue my house production with a Farm. It is a very new shiny Farm, as you can see in the pictures. Its still all clean, but i think your Sims can Change it very soon The Farm has a nice backyard with a Place for your Gardener Sims and a place for kids to play. Next to the house you can find a barn too. On the roof there is a place to chill out =)

costs unfurnished: 34,795 §
costs furnished: 68,969 §

fully furnished
Without custom content

You will need the World Adventure AddOn!

Hope you like it, have fun!

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 68,969 §