Pickable OfB employee work schedules

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I prefer that my sims work at businesses owned by other sims, rather than in standard or custom "careers". Thus it was really bothersome that all employees had to work from 9 to 5, Mo to Fri - when I just KNEW that the restaurant was open from 15 to 23, including weekends. So finally this mod was born.

This mod allows you to assign OfB employees to one of 9 work schedules. Each schedule has different work days, work hours, carpool, and motive deltas while at work.
For example, this allows your chef to go to work in the evenings, including weekends, your single mom to go to work when the kids are at school, or your poor teens to work all day long on Saturdays and Sundays. All details of the 2x10 levels are in the attached .doc file. There are two .package files included: one is used by adults and elders and the other is used by just teens.

If you hover your mouse over the job title in the sim's Skills & Career tab, you will see a short description of the level, including the carpool. The new schedule info is displayed in the sim's employment tab. Info for all levels is shown by hovering over Level 1.

How to use: First hire your sim, then 'promote' him to the level with the desired schedule. Easiest way is turning the testingcheat on, then shift-clicking on the newspaper in game and selecting the desired career level.
Note that if you change your sim's level while he is at work, he will get the 'promoted' or 'demoted' message. You can change levels at any time, without quitting and re-hiring. Your sim may inadvertently be promoted by a hobby chance card or through networking. If that happens, he will have a different schedule. Just change it back to what it was before.

Some technical background: The mod works by using the 8 unused levels in the original OfB employee career.
Level 1 and levels 3 to 10 are for ordinary employees. Level 2 is for managers. Manager level and schedule is unchanged.
If you do not assign your employees to a different level, all the mod will do is change the carpool for all employees and managers to the sedan instead of the ugly hatchback.

The only mod I've found this to conflict with is employeenodoubledip.
EPs: Requires OfB, made with AL installed. Probably only OfB is needed, though. Tested in OfB+FT and it appeared to work. Works with the M&G stuff pack.

Installation: just plop in your Downloads folder, and remove if no longer wanted.

Suggestions: I use jobfixes from MATY to get employees' wages reflect the number of hours worked.
If you want your employees to arrive to their workplace when you play the owner, use Simwardrobe's employee timeclock or the Simlogical employee scheduler pictures.
I use Squinge's MoreEmployeesForHire to be able to hire any sim.
If you want different schedules, tweaking this mod in Bidou's career editor is child's play.

I am grateful for everyone at the Simlogical testing grounds who helped me with this, especially tunaisafish and Aelflaed.

Terrain replacement in the picture is combined from the work of Stev84 and CurlyRed.

Additional Credits: SimPE Numenor for the AnyGameStarter

Finally, I want to thank plasticbox for his Tuesday Island thread of more than two years ago. It made a big impact on how I play the game.

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