Newspaper Rack - Buy a Newspaper

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2009 at 9:23 PM
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*Updated 18th December 2009*
Fixed problem - see section below
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Quote: Originally posted by leesester
Yay for nipping downstairs to buy the paper!! Oh wait - you havent made that mod yet....
we bring you a newspaper rack so you can go and buy a newspaper whenever you want. Especially useful if you have one of the "No more Newspapers" hacks, but equally if you just want to nip out for a newspaper.

No EPs Prior to NightLife?
Inventories were added in Nightlife so if you have the base game only, or only the University EP, then the "Buy" option will not be available, only the "Read" option (see below).

NightLife and beyond
If you have any EP beyond University, then you will have the option to "Buy" a newspaper from the rack (for $10) and after going to the cash register (there must be one on the lot in order to see the "Buy" option) to purchase it, it will be placed in your inventory. Then you can take it home to read later.

Sim owned businesses
At the moment this object cannot be used on a Sim owned business. We hope to add this functionality to it soon.

Base Game and All Expansion Packs
No matter what EPs you have (including none) the newspaper rack will allow you to sneak a read at a newspaper without buying it - come on now - own up - we've all done that. Once read - the newspaper will be left lying around for the next person to pick up - entirely unaware it hasn't been paid for. Poor shopkeeper.

Can you read Simlish?
See if you can read the stories on the front pages displayed in the rack!

It can be found in Miscellaneous -> Miscellaneous (same place as the Maxis Magazine Racks) and costs half as much as the cheapest Magazine Rack, $500. It comes in three colours, a transparent acryllic (the most commonly seen type of rack in UK newsagents), and two solid colour plastic versions, in red and blue.

Illustrative photos are taken with the rack placed in the Newsagents of the British High Street.

This is based on newspaper racks commonly seen in the UK in newsagents.

Update History
  • Fixed problem with putting newspaper in inventory

Additional Credits:
Quaxi for SimPE.
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
Thanks to psychosim0 for reporting the problem with putting the newspaper in the inventory.