Model T+, Tom's Slicked Back Curls, HP Retexture

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2009 at 7:20 PM

Dear Tom, I am not a stalker. I just like your hair. Um... and your nose.
Dear sim of Tom, here is a gift of hair! It will make you pretty!

I have spent so much time on this, it's... just plain stupid. Not all at once, being a labor of love--Of hair! Love of hair, I swear to the Pretty!--I only worked on this in little pieces when I really felt like it. Every single curl on here was hand-painted to fit the mesh.
Can I just point out that even the very bottom group on the skull is painted to line up with the stick-out alpha layers in back? Can I just brag a little about how friggen hard that was? K, thanks. I'm done now.
This mesh has six huge images to color. Which is the way I like it for curls. Repetition shows up painfully with curly textures, so this lovely mapping job was an absolute necessity to get this to work. Thank you HP, I adore the original hair, and I ADORE the mesh. <333

Original hair here: Gaius by HystericalParadoxysm.

My version is somewhat shorter, and I made an attempt to suggest a slightly different shape, and frizzier style of curls. Also note, some of my detail is lost with screenshots. It'll look a little crisper and better shaded in game.

What you get:

Brown, Black, Red, Blond and Silver for Adult and Young Adult, Silver linked in for elders. Colors are near maxis match, though the texture style is not.

In this rar file there are two packages. The first is "Alfred_T+Curls", this is Brown, Black, Red, and Blond binned together with a silver for elders. The second is a separate, custom silver.

Previews of the other colors found at the bottom of the post.

CC in Pictures:
All facial fuzzies, face mask, eyes, skintone, shirt, backdrop, brows and sim are mine. Wow. I can literally say that everything in the pictures is mine, save HP's mesh and maxis programming.

On usage of texure-age:
This texture's pretty mesh specific, but you're welcome to use it. So long as you drop me a line about it, you can use my textures for whatever (not profitable) stuff you like.
Just be chill, stay away from the pay-crap, yo. Alfi don't do shit like that, yo.

Cheers and enjoy, lovelies!