Chinese Courtyard House

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2009 at 12:25 AM
This lot required World Adventures EP.

This Chinese courtyard house is also known as Beijing's Siheyuan. The siheyuan is a typical form of ancient Chinese architecture, especially in the north of China. They are designed to make it as comfortable as possible to live in a climate that is at times inhospitable. For instance, the siheyuan are enclosed and inward facing to protect them from the harsh winter winds and the dust storms of spring.

Their design also reflects the traditions of China, following the rules of feng shui and the patriarchal, Confucian tenants of order and heirarchy that were so important to society. However, this house is modified by me for sims living.

The main gate to the front courtyard is usually at the southeastern corner. Main courtyard is the center of the siheyuan, serving for passage and providing good light, ventilation and cool shades. People would like to take a rest here. Before each house is a corridor serving as a shelter from wind or rain. The various parts of the house are connected by corridors.

This house includes 2 courtyards, living, dining, kitchen, 3BR and 2BA.

Lot size : 40x40
Lot price: F - 150,237
U - 90,981

This lot contains the following item from EA Store:

+ Asian Fusion Set
- Chair of Equality
- Seat of Civility by Feng Shui
- Doorways to Happiness by Feng Shui
- Archway to Happiness by Feng Shui
- Door of Opportunity by Feng Shui
- Dresser of Power by Feng Shui
- Light of Peace, Life, Hope, Joy
- Loveseat of Prosperity by MA Designs
- Infinite Reflections by Feng Shui
- Potted Bamboo Glory
- Potted Orchids Divine
- Sofa of Prosperity by MA Designs
- Good Luck Coffee Table by MA Designs
- Table of Balance by Feng Shui
- Good End Table by MA Designs
- Television of Joy by MA Designs
- Fortune's Window by Feng Shui

+ Dual Comfort Double Bed
+ Loner Comfort Single Bed
+ Palm in Vase
+ Cornucopia

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 150,237