Metropolitan Museum of Natural History

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Metropolitan Museum of Natural History

Presenting a comprehensive collection of world treasures!

One of everything in every color. Museum contains:

All sigils, signets, and symbols from every country

All dropa stones from every country

All dangerous creatures

Complete canopic jars collection

Complete Egyptian gold figurine collection

Complete Chinese vase collection

Complete Chinese zodiac animals collection

All bowls and vases in every color from every country (except broken bowls and vases); EXCEPTIONS: missing stone Chinese tiger statue, copper Chinese tiger statue, and jade Chinese dragon statue; NOT the zodiac animals, but the common relics. Anyone having these items, I'd be grateful if you'd private message me and send them to me so I can complete the museum!)

All fossilized fruits from every country

GEMS!!! One of every gem in every cut, large and small, including those not readily available in gameplay, like the STAR CUT!

And the SMALL SKULL CUT!! (How did I make these gems? Accidental discovery: I run Awesomemod with the developer cheats enabled. Control+shift+click on a gem to make any cut, or uncut it and make another cut. I have no idea if the star cut is available in-game, or is supposed to be available in-game. It's awfully pretty, so I thought it belonged in a museum.)

Insects: twelve complete sets of every insect available in the game

Fish: one mounted example of every kind of fish
One of every kind of magic gnome

Atrium garden containing a growing example of every available garden plant in perfect condition

Lot Size: 30 (front) x 40

Furnished: 876,156
Unfurnished: 174,150

Custom Content (all optional):

From EA Store:

Secret Mystery Map: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Secret Tomb Map: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Secret Treasure Map: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Elegant Swirls Lite:

Elegant Swirls Wide:

Elegant Swirls Deluxe:

In the Park:


Harvest Time:

Tranquility Stone:

Potted Cherry Blossom:

Potted Orchids Divine:

Potted Bamboo Glory:

The Dragon's Vase: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Le Petit Eiffel: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Little Tiki Idol:

Imperial Dragon Lute: from Explorer's Loot (free):

Bamboo Shelf of Balance:

Neoclassical Amphora:

Knighting of Sir Asad:

Statue of an Unknown Seamstress:

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 876,156