1329 Prescott Street - Halliwell Manor

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2009 at 2:38 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2010 at 9:53 AM
This house is one of most popular magic homes, it was home of three witches.
It's house from TV series 'Charmed', the original address is
1329 Prescott Street.

The story of Charmed starts when the three sisters discover that they have magical powers and that they have an ancient book of magic written by their ancestors,mostly known as 'The Book of Shadows'. Prue was played by Shannen Doherty, Piper by Holly Marie Combs and Phoebe by Alyssa Milano.
They also had to fight with many demons, and they weren't allowed to use their powers for personal use.


I made this house with old feeling when Prue was alive. That's why is there Prue's room. I tried to copy manor as best as I could, and some parts were very hard for making.

Lot requires: no eps, no sps and some cc, mostly walls created by me, and couple of custom objects.

Let the Power of Three start again! The Book of Shadows is waiting

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 256 144

Custom Content by Me:
- Charmed wall 7 yellow hallway
- Charmed wall 9 orange living room
- Charmed Manor outside wall 4
- Charmed wall 8 cream bathroom
- Charmed Manor outside wall 2
- Charmed wall 10 pink parlour
- Charmed Manor outside wall 3
- Charmed Manor outside wall 6
- Charmed Manor outside wall 1
- Charmed Manor outside wall 5

Custom Content Included:
- The Charmed Spiritboard by Aimoss
- Magick tools-book and candles by bootsbrisket
- Charmed dining-room Chair by Aimoss