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Springville - a new Neighbourhood (only basegame needed)

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2010 at 7:19 PM
Updated: 5th Apr 2010 at 10:12 AM by Delphy
This is my first neighbourhood upload for the sims 3 - so please be kind.

You find in Springville all rabbit holes, many community and residential lots. It is a small neighbourhood and I playtested it and it runs very smoothly.

All collectibles and fish species can be found in the neighbourhood. There are many fishing spots, beach spots, a waterfall and other things to explore.

You can change ingame residential to community lots and vice versa.

I hope you like it - please leave a "thanks" if you like it or comments for suggestions etc.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Spawn Points: all from the basegame

  • Routing Info: Sims can go everywhere except into the water or on the top of the mountains.
  • Layering: Two layers: one for the lots and one for the game objects and spawning objects
  • Textures: I have used 6 textures

Total Number: 52
Residential (20):
20x18: 1
20x20: 4
26x33: 1
20x30: 3
30x30: 3
30x20: 7
40x40: 1

Rabbitholes (all, 16):
Jail: 40x40
Military: 54x44
Cemetery: 64x32
Hospital: 30x40
Stadium: 33x50
Small restaurant: 22x11
Police: 30x30
Science: 64x64
Wellness: 22x21
City Hall: 48x64
Corporate Towers: 36x32
School: 22x39
Restaurant: 18x16
Theater, Bookstore, Grocery: 64x32

Community: (16 - empty lots)
20x22, 8x15, 30x20, 6x8, 30x30, 20x25, 22x20, 18x14, 40x30, 40x25, 20x28, 30x30, 20x20, 40x56, 50x40, 20x30

You only need the basegame to play this hood.