A "set" of classical french consoles

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2010 at 9:05 PM
Updated: 10th Jan 2010 at 1:33 AM - Update
Update post: For those who prefer to use sims3pack files get the version here: http://www.4shared.com/file/1928219...chconsole2.html

What I enjoy the more of Sims 3 since its release is the ability to customize and recreate our own world with the colors and textures we love. Its so easy to transform a simple stool in a piece of art...


I want to offer today one of the meshes I'm recently creating because of my need of furniture to put all clutter that great creators are spreading all around. The game is very complete but, where are the sideboards? (and the piano, and the hottub...)

This console is conceived not as a dining table, in fact it has the legs in only one side, but with the snapping cheat-tool, you can convert it in a huge table where to seat eight people. Perfect for formal parties and weddings!

I put my effort specially in the textures: fine woods, marquetry, marblework, painting and gilding, but this is fully recolourable and you can dress it with your good taste. It has the table top recolorable in first place with one pattern and the other pattern is for the legs. Patterns are of my own, but they can be borrowed to surrounding furniture with the create a style tool.

Price/Catalog: You'll find the new mesh in catalog of Buy Mode, under Dining Tables prized 225 simoleons, though its cloned from the Dining Club Table.

If you like more sideboards like this there are more coming in other styles. Happy simming3!

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Additional Credits:
I wont create nothing without the help of the MTS technicians, programmers, tutorials, forums and without the patience of my hubby.
I would like to thank the TSRworkshop team for a so easy tool.