More/Less Opportunities, No Answer Phone, Call Anytime, No auto smartphone tasks

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2010 at 9:18 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2014 at 11:29 PM
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Phone and Opportunity Tweaks
  • More, Less, or No Opportunities
  • No Autonomous Answering the Phone
  • No Autonomous calling other Sims
  • Call Any Sim Any Time, Day or Night
  • No Autonomous Picture taking, Texting, Browse the Web, Streaming Videos

The Changes
  • Opportunties Everyday - A new opportunity will be delivered to you each day at home or on vacation. (By Default Opportunities occur 1-3 days at home, and 1-2 days on vacation,)
  • LessFrequentOpportunities - opportunities every 2-4 days
  • NoOpportunities - should eliminate opportunities all together
    • NOTE: you can also check the box for "Suppress Opportunities" in Settings while playing the game.
  • Call Any Sim Anytime - No more restrictions, you can call anyone at anytime, and without them scolding your sim for calling at inappropriate times.
  • No Auto Answer Phone - it simply stops sims from autonomously answering the phone. It doesn't stop the phone from ringing, and it DOES NOT prevent you from getting opportunities. You can direct them to answer the phone, it if you desire. Your sim wont be interrupted by sims wanting to chat, asking for a date, etc. Now it also includes no auto calling sims, local or foreign.
  • No Auto Smart Phone Tasks - With University, sims now carry smartphones and have more annoying autonomous actions. This mod will stop the following: Browse the web, stream videos, random picture taking, and send texts.
  • Also reduced the timeout for the phone from 40 minutes to 1 minute. The call will timeout and the opportunity will be presented anyway. This only applies to the number of opportunities and how often they the occur, it does not affect which opportunity they receive or which ones are available.

Conflicts and Game Versions
Opportunities and Phone tweaks are Base Game Compatible, Smart Phone Tasks require the University Life EP. Mod was created with patch 1.50 and currently working with 1.63-67.

Resources edited: SendInsultText_PhoneCell, BrowseTheWeb_PhoneSmart, SendSecretAdmirerText_PhoneCell, SendChatText_PhoneCell, StreamVideo_PhoneSmart, TakeCellPhonePhotoPaired_Sim, TakeCellPhonePhotoSingleSim_Sim, Answer_Phone, CallChat_Sim, CallChat_Phone, CallChatForeign_Phone, Phone_0x30db2d2eac6fa811, PhoneService_0x6826fac44667a476, OpportunityManager_0x56a824afa8915703

Additional Credits:
Peter L Jones for S3PE