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Sims 3 Custom Career: Law (From the Sims 2: Seasons). Fulltime.

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2010 at 2:45 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2010 at 11:52 PM - To update files.
Brought back from the "The Sims 2: Seasons", it's the Law Career (With a few edits :D)

This is a 10-Level career with the ranks from the Sims 2: Seasons. It's based in the City Hall! This'll presumably work with Riverview, and custom careers. For now, it has only been tested on Sunset Valley.

You need to have twallan's NRaas Career Mod installed which can be found here. Whats good about this is, you can add as many careers as you want, as long as they're based on the same framework. Also, if any future patches breaks the scripting that loads the careers, twallan is so up to date, he'll fix it real fast!

This shouldn't conflict with Awesome or IndieStone, as the framework it is based on does not.


1) File Clerk
2) Law Firm Receptionist
3) Legal Secretary
4) Legal Biller
5) Paralegal
6) Personal Injury Attorney
7) Family Law Attorney
8) International Corporate Lawyer
9) Celebrity Attorney
10) The Law

These levels are pretty much the same with the exception of:

Entertainment Attorney --> Celebrity Attorney

Known Issues
This mod is only available in English! Sorry for any inconvience, I'm just not skilled enough to translate. If you're willing to translate, then feel free to do so and send me the strings, and I'll add it to the package.

There are no Career opportunities. This is beacuse of my lack of experience.

It is unknown if the jobs appear in the Paper or on the Computer. Let me know if you find out! Also, you can't cheat your way up with the mailbox. I don't know if they appear because mainly, I just click on the rabbithole. Appears on the computer, so presumably the paper also.

Anything Else?
There's an event which is totally rabbit hole based. You can steal from the campaign fund, which is evil and fun. You can get fired though, be warned.

I have started taking requests, just message me or comment!

And now, some Images

Joining the Career

The Logo



Additional Credits:
Of course, this wasn't done my me.

~ Thanks to the S3PE Team for making a great package editor which made this career possible!
~ Thanks to Twallan over at The Simmers Club! For making a tutorial on Custom Careers which can be found here.
~ crincit for translating into German!
~ wheatberry for translating into Chinese and Taiwanese!