Simple Kitchen Curtain Completer Set

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Uploaded 15th Jan 2010 at 8:35 PM · Updated 5th Jul 2012 at 6:48 AM by mustluvcatz

Nengi65 made the Simple Kitchen Curtain, which is a lovely, simple curtain that I've used over and over again. Here is what I call a "completer set". There are 3 new meshes based on Nengi's original curtain: a valance, a lower single curtain and a cafe-style curtain; 22 recolors and a modified version of the original mesh. (It has been slaved to my master file.)

The particulars:
*These are repository- the "doublesimplekitchencurtain" is the master- the rest, including Nengi's, are the slaves. You MUST have the double curtain for the rest of the set to show.
*If you have Apartment Life, these are all shiftable. To be able to shift them, you DO need a mod from More Awesome Than You-Goggalor's Shiftable Mod.
*If you don't have Apartment Life, the curtains will still fit most counter height windows- see pics for examples!
*If you want to recolor, the double curtain is the one you want to recolor. Because of the differences in the sizes, all you need is a good 256x256 texture to use. That's it! No fancy maneuvers needed.
*You do not need Nengi's original mesh for these to work. They all have their own GUID's, so they shouldn't over-write her's if you have it already. HOWEVER- the modified mesh included (N65_SimpleKitchenCurtain_MESH) WILL over-wite the original. So, if you want to keep the original, you will need to delete my version from the .rar.
*If you happen to have the recolors I did of Nengi's curtain last year, they will not work with these.
*No diagonals- I'm working on those!

Credit for the original mesh - which can be found HERE - goes to Nengi65 along with a big "Thank You!" for allowing creators to modify and share her meshes:
I'd love that you upload the curtains you've made..

It was asked where I got the lamps used in the screenshot above. Those are Pocci's Dewdrop lamps from Garden Breeze - that site is closing at the end of July 2012. The recolors used are mine- you can get them HERE - the meshes ARE included with my recolors.

Terms of Use:
If you recolor these or use them in a lot, I would rather you not include my meshes- a link to this post or my profile would be my choice. But, if you would like to include them- you can as long as you give credit AND a link to this post or my profile. Either way- keep them free! No Pay-Sites or the Exchange!

Polygon Counts:
Double - 706
Lower - 354
Valance - 354
N65's - 354

Additional Credits:
SimPE, CEP, PhotoShop CS2, MilkShape, UV Mapper