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Vintage Collection - Hunter Green part 6

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2010 at 8:27 PM
Half a dozen new dresses and eight light suits add to the teen girls clothing choices for casual or dress wear.

The first two dresses are simple shirtwaists with a slender silhouette featuring a green windowpane plaid and a yellow stripe accented with dots. Both are accessorized with a simple black leather belt and saddle shoes. These use a base game mesh. (I had a dress in just this style when I was a teen though mine was in a solid green corduroy. It was one of my favorite outfits.)

Next are two princess style dresses using the vintage mesh from All About Style which is included. The first has three-quarter sleeves and is done in a tan and hunter floral print and accented with hunter bows on the bodice with matching pumps. The second has short sleeves and is done in a lovely oriental pattern called sashiko in hunter green and has hunter and gold appliqued bands at bust and hips. T-strap pumps make this a dressy outfit. Both of these dresses are modeled from actual 1940s patterns.

The last two dresses require the circle skirt mesh from Nightlife The first is done in an Amy Butler print called Seeds, in olive, with a contrasting solid color bodice. The high neck ties into a scarf. Anklets and loafers give this dress a casual feel. The last dress is done in a lovely plaid called pear green. It features a solid color collar, belt and anklets, brown suede oxfords and a lovely scarf in a coordinating floral print.
Note: You must have Nightlife for these two dresses to show up.

Two styles of suits complete this selection.

First are three jacket dresses using the Maxis bolero dress mesh from base game. The first has a solid hunter green dress combined with a plaid jacket. The second has the same colors reversed. The third layers an amber jacket over a lovely gold floral print dress. All three have matching print bows worn over coordinating solid color anklets with boot-style shoes.

Next are five suits that use Migamoo's Billie Jean mesh found here
These suits feature an a three-quarter sleeved boxy jacket with a peter pan collar and decoratively pieced yoke, over a softly draped full skirt. a soft collarless blouse in a floral print or small plaid completes the ensemble and is accessorized with either brown suede oxfords or saddle shoes. The first four are plaids in loden, lichen, rust and sage. The last is a corduroy in a shade called carmel.

Check out some of the details of construction and fabric.

Additional Credits:
For anyone who might be interested in making clothes like these for themselves, I find most of my fabrics at

Reproduction Fabrics,
fabric.com and Fabric Attic.