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Natalie Imbruglia

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Uploaded 21st Jan 2010 at 9:14 PM · Updated 22nd Jan 2010 at 4:07 PM by @Stefan

Hello everyone!

I adore Natalie Imbruglia, and I think that this sim of her came out pretty well.
Since I have noticed that people are not fans of face masks, I have changed the visibility of the mask to minimum, and the mask covers just some parts of the face (like eyebags and lip corners).


Syera's eye replacement: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=350422
Peggy's hair (free): http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Detai...00073&sortId=00
KittyKlan's faces: http://kittyklan.com/blog/?p=69

In the rar. you can find a sim file that goes into your SavedSims folder, and other files of mine, that were used like: skintone, lipstick, eyeshadow and blush, they go into your Package folder...lol, into your package folder XD

Anyways, enjoy!

ps. I have really worked hard on this one, and if you dislike her, please post constructive criticism. Don't ditch my work :P

Custom Content by Me:
- sim
- blush
- lipstick
- eyeshadow

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