TS2 -> TS3 - BV Souvenirs and Collectables

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2010 at 11:02 AM
Updated: 21st Oct 2011 at 10:17 AM - Added keyword

(2/06/10) - Repackaged all files to fix an issue some people were having with the textures. Please re-download.
(2/09/10) - Changed mouse interaction on colored glass to match that of the others.
(2/11/10) - Compressed textures to result in much smaller file sizes.
(2/14/10) - Copied descriptions to all languages.

Didn’t you just love those little knick knacks sims brought home from vacation in Bon Voyage? I don’t know about you, but they were some of my very favorite items to decorate with. Well, I had seen some of them converted before, but I was missing all the original names and descriptions, so I thought I would just make the whole set myself.

All of these have custom shadows, custom environment scores, nicely-centered auto-generated thumbnails, and can be placed on any surface. I kept the price the same as the originals ($75), with the exception of the beach collectables, which were listed as a whopping $430, so I changed them to $75 as well. They are not recolorable, since the originals weren’t, and I didn’t see much need to change the style of these, anyway. You can find them in-game under function sort: decor->miscellaneous decor, or room sort: dining room->miscellaneous decor. (Beach collectables can also be found in bathroom->accents.)

This collection includes all 10 of the Bon Voyage vacation souvenirs and beach collectables, including: Pagoda by Oh the Memories, Doll by Oh the Memories, Little Chest of Booty, Private Island Figurine, Bit o’ Vug, Lumberjack’s Pride, Starfish, Colored Glass, Clam, and Conch.

Well, that's it, everyone! Enjoy the goodies, and please keep an eye out for more conversions by me later on.

What’s next on my list? ...OFB Craftables!


Polygon Counts:
(Same as originals.)

Clam: Polys - 774, Verts - 446
Colored Glass: Polys - 886, Verts - 664
Conch: Polys - 502, Verts - 294
Doll: Polys - 316, Verts - 248
Geode: Polys - 232, Verts - 153
Hatchet: Polys - 152, Verts - 182
Pagoda: Polys - 286, Verts - 498
Palm Tree: Polys - 700, Verts - 964
Pirate Chest: Polys - 352, Verts - 403
Starfish: Polys - 474, Verts - 516

Additional Credits:
s3oc, s3pe, S3ObjTool, TSR Workshop, Milkshape 3D, Adobe PSE, and EA for the original meshes and textures.