Career Rewards As Aspiration Rewards, 2 Flavors, Download According to EP owned

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2010 at 12:38 AM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2010 at 8:03 AM
Don't you just hate having all these Career Rewards, and you have no idea what they do because you don't have the stamina to play every career to almost the end of it, just to see what the reward for all of them will be? Well now you don't have to worry about that anymore. Now you can spend more time exploring the Career Rewards, and actually having fun playing the sims 2, because I've re-categorized them to fit into Aspiration Rewards. The goal of this download is to get more people playing the sims 2, so they can have fun again trying to fulfill wants in order to gain Aspiration Rewards.

You should download the file According to which EP you have. If you have all the EPs listed, you should download the All EP file of your choice. I have tested all the rewards in game, and they function just as the regular Career Reward should, only difference they are now in Aspiration section. I've arranged the prices of these according to how cool I think they are, which is the way that Maxis Aspiration Rewards go. There are two parts to each EP pack. One file will move the Career Rewards into Aspiration Rewards, and they will no longer be in Career Rewards. One file will keep the Career Rewards in Career Rewards as well as Aspiration Rewards. To avoid problems, you should only download one of the flavors of the EP(s) of your choice.

Here are the Prices:


Candy Factory: 4,000 Aspiration Points
Punching Bag: 8,000 Aspiration Points
Fingerprint Kit: 8,000 Aspiration Points
Bio Tech Station: 10,000 Aspiration Points
Polygraph: 10,000 Aspiration Points
Surgical Dummy: 11,000 Aspiration Points
Teleprompter: 12,000 Aspiration Points
Hydroponic Garden: 13,500 Aspiration Points
Putting Green: 20,000 Aspiration Points
Obstacle Course: 21,000 Aspiration Points


Camera: 7,500 Aspiration Points
Cow Plant: 27,000 Aspiration Points
Resurrectonomitron: 30,000 Aspiration Points
Plastic Surgery Kit: 30,800 Aspiration Points


Journalism Award: 1,000 Aspiration Points
Lectern: 6,000 Aspiration Points
Pinball: 10,300 Aspiration Points
Guitar: 12,700 Aspiration Points
Tiki: 13,000 Aspiration Points
Bookcase: 27,500 Aspiration Points


Fame Star Rug: 1,300 Aspiration Points
Ballet Bar: 10,600 Aspiration Points
Surveillance Mic: 12,300 Aspiration Points
Koi Pond: 15,000 Aspiration Points
Drafting Table: 20,000 Aspiration Points

In deciding what the prices should be I used a very helpful article on a sims wiki regarding Career Rewards found Here there you can find out what all of them do exactly if you are not sure.

Additional Credits:
J.M. Pescado for pointing me in the right direction.