1 Tile French Door Maxis Match

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leefish passed away in August 2021. Her love for the community, and her work as a staff member here at MTS, shall not be forgotten
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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2010 at 11:58 PM
Updated: 7th Feb 2010 at 1:51 AM by leesester
I originally made this for cthru, and never uploaded it to MTS. However, I lost all my sims stuff in a hard drive crash and was lucky to get this back. I'm hoping MTS will look after it for me and give it a safe home.

Its a remesh of the Touch of Teak French doors from the base game, shrunk down to a one tile door.

Its NOT a perfect match - if I had kept the height and the curve of the arch exactly like the original it would have looked long and pointy and not really matching at all. See the two together.

This door has blue glass - like the original - (otherwise it would not have matched).

The poly count is not really optimal, but no worse than a lot of Maxis doors. I have a fairly rubbish PC and it can handle many doors on a lot.

Photo Credits:
Opera Sofa by Blakeboy MTS

Price and Recolours:
245 Simoleons.
Repository technique, so all recolours for the original double door.

Polygon Counts:
1164 Polys, straight and diagonal.

Additional Credits: SimPE for making it possible, Cthru for asking, MTS for hosting all the tutorials and giving a place to share, and Sandisk for making CruzerUSB sticks to copy download folders onto...