Glamour Life Windows Extension Set

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Uploaded: 4th Feb 2010 at 2:42 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2010 at 11:32 PM by leesester
Originally requested by Elpemmy, and uploaded to Uptown Chic. Sadly, Emmy and Escand have decided to close Uptown Chic, so I would like to ask MTS to look after these as well.......

Its almost a full extension pack - I will look in the pile of jumbled files called my Work in Progress folder and see if I can find the doors I made long ago. Check my profile for the doors.

What do you get in THIS upload? A privacy window at a matching height, a two tile version of the original one tile window, and a one tile counter window. You NEED the Glamour Life SP for these to work.

I hope you like them, I use them mainly for business lots or libraries, things like that.

Prices and recolours

Privacy = 100 simoleons
2 tile = 240 simoleons
Counter height = 240 simoleons.

As these are repository windows, they will pick up any recolours of these windows that you have in your downloads folder.

EXTRA BONUS: whoa, these files are lean and mean - not one over 20kb and polys aren't too bad either. You can put a LOT of these on a lot.

Polygon Counts:
Glitzy Glimpse Diagonal Privacy
Glitzy Glimpse Straight Privacy
Glitzy Glimpse Straight 2 tiles 362 polys
Glitzy Glimpse Diagonal 2 tiles 362 polys
Glitzy Glimpse Diagonal Counter Height 362 polys
Glitzy Glimpse Straight Counter Height 362 polys

Additional Credits:
Emmy for asking, Escand and Emmy for looking after these so well for so long, SimPE for making it possible, EA/Maxis for the original window, MTS for being a place to learn and share.