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"Radiant Reds" - 6 Recolours of "Surfer" and "Surfer Girl" Bedsheets

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2010 at 7:46 PM
Updated: 7th Feb 2010 at 9:51 PM - editing some text
I've always liked these bedsheets as they were the most modern (and least ugly). However, I didn't like how there were only two colours, an I couldn't find any on this website, so I decided to start recolouring

These bedsheets fit double and single beds perfectly. The package files are properly named inside the zip file, so if you want to delete ones you don't like, feel free.

My only rule is: Enjoy them!

Additional Credits (for the screenshots)

Valspar Signature Colors - Eddie Bauer Lakeside Collection - By Simpleton
Metro Window Set - By Tiggy027
Ikea Bookcases Emptied and DecoBooks - By leesester