True Blood Sims: Godric

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Ancient and powerful, Godric is one awesome vampire. If you watch True Blood....SHHH!! Please don't discuss the plot in this thread. We don't wanna spoil it for folks who haven't seen it yet, right? Right. Good. Extra special thanks to all the custom content creators mentioned below, and to the actors, writers, and entire crew that makes True Blood. Particularly Allan Hyde who portrays Godric so well.

Please do not redistribute this sim or altered versions of him. Thank you.

Recommended but Not Included
  • Fangs! Godric is packaged as a human. He'll grow fangs when you turn him into a vampire in your game. You must have the Nightlife Expansion Pack installed in order to make him a vampire.

  • Fang fix. If you have Nightlife and Pets or a later expansion pack installed, adult male vampire fangs tend to flash blue and get detached from the sim's mouth. To fix this, please install Cyjon's Blue Fangs Fix. You should delete the "Accessory.cache" file from your "Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2" folder before insalling the fix, in order to fix any glitchy fangs on vampires already in your game.

  • Default-Replacement vampire overlay. By default, Sims2 vampires have a blueish tinge which is wrong for True Blood vamps. I highly recommend TSN's Normal looking NL Vampire Skin Overlay (vampireNoBlueNoRedEye version) if you have Nightlife and plan to make Godric a vampire.

  • Shortness. Use the "Stretchskeleton" cheat to make Godric a little shorter than everyone else. This wiki page explains how to use the cheat (near the bottom of the page) and this tutorial explains how to make the height change permanent. I use .95 for Godric, .94 for Sookie, 1.07 for Eric, and the default 1 for most other sims.

  • Everyday clothes. Godric is packaged in white sleep/athletic pants. I normally dress him in one of the everyday outfits pictured below. The white shirt outfit came with the H&M Stuff Pack. The grey shirt outfit can be downloaded here.

  • Godric's hair came with the Seasons Expansion Pack. Pick another style in CAS if you don't have Seasons.

Included Content
  • Godric Sim

  • Eyes by Oepu

  • Eyebrows by me. They're colour-binned with all the colours (black, brown, blond, red, grey) in ONE file. Done this way because when binned facial hair is saved in seperate files, the wrong colour gets packaged with sims.

  • Red-rimmed-eyes eyeliner by me.

  • Tattooed skintone by me. It's the lightest Maxis skin with Godric's tattoo added for male teens, adults, and elders. I did not change the skin texture or colour at all.... just added the tattoo. Females are tattoo-free. Please note that the bare skin and tattoos will appear slightly darker than pictured because Godric also "wears" the pale vampire skin overlay mentioned above.

  • White pants by me. Full Body Outfit. Can be worn as sleepwear and athletic wear.

  • All included content has been compressed with jfade's Compressorizer to reduce filesize.

Free Tips
  • Install with Clean Installer to avoid "missing EP" error messages.
  • Godric requires no Expansion Packs, but you'll need the Nightlife EP to make him a vampire.

Tattoo Sidenote
If you prefer to use a Morague Tattoo Overlay instead of the tattooed skintone included with Godric, you can create your own using this tattoo PNG file. If anyone wants to upload a properly customized overlay of Godric's tattoo, please do! I failed miserably at making one. However, please ask permission before using the tattoo PNG to make other skintones, tattoos, or anything else. I normally have a very open policy, but don't really want people messing with this tattoo since it was tricky to draw and is so specific to the character.

Here's an extra photo that shows off Godric's tattoo nicely. IT IS SPOILERY. Do not click unless you have already seen True Blood Season 2, or you do not mind seeing True Blood spoilers. SPOILERY PIC of Godric and his tattoo.