The Legend Isles: Lyonesse

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Added the lots and layers folder in comment 42 and settings file in comment 40 - ALSO you can download all the world files in comment 16 just incase these ones don't work for you

The Legend Isles: Lyonesse

In the middle of the largest inland sea in the world lie the Legend Isles.
Lyonesse is one of the largest islands in the chain and also one of the most developed. It has the longest coast line out of all the islands and ironically, the only one without a sandy beach.

With it's year-long sunny weather, beautiful views and rich fishing locations, it's no wonder that it's a desirable place to live.

Although Lyonesse was a Kingdom in ages past, hardly anything remains of it's ancient history. Only a few stones here and there give a hint that there was anything there at all. Out of all the Legend Isles, it is, sadly, the only one without any significant ruins. Although if you dig around enough you might uncover some hidden treasure!

Useful Info...

Map size: Large

Spawn points: All gems, metals and seeds can be found hidden about the island. Some bugs and butterflies can also be found.

Routing: Sims can go almost everywhere except up into the mountains.

Layers: 3 - Objects, Lots and Trees etc.

Total number of Lots:78

Community Lots: 19 (All jobs and various community lots)

Residential Lots: 59

10x10 - 1
15x15 - 1
16x18 - 2
10x20 -1
16x30 - 1
18x20 - 1
20x15 - 5
20x20 - 11
20x30 - 3
30x20 - 11
30x30 - 5
40x40 - 3
40x30 - 2
50x40 - 1

I've included the .world file, so if you want to change the world in CAW you can. You may use this world as a template to make your own world to upload (only to free sites!) but please give credit and link back here

I created this world because I wanted a simple island world to play in. I've tested it and it works well. It's my first completed world, and I've learned a lot while building it. What to do and what not to do next time round. I hope you like it!

My thanks to Martine, whose texture pack is fabulous! and to those of you in the CAW forum who have answered all my questions and to everyone else on there too for providing lots of useful info!