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-West Weasels- A Cozy and Quaint Full Neighborhood

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2010 at 8:42 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2011 at 6:10 AM
It's been a little over a year in the making but I've finally finished this project. Right around the time the achievement stickers came out I finally decided to commit to making a full neighborhood as an upload for you all. Luckily inspiration struck at roughly the same time. I was driving around with my (now) ex-boyfriend, Kalimos, (don't worry, it was an amicable split, we still talk and I'll likely still use him as my male model for my photoshoots) when we could not for the life of us, find the street we were looking for. The trees and shrubs were so overgrown on the street signs that eventually out of exasperation, he exclaimed, "I can't see a darn thing, that could be freaking West Weasels for all I know." (The language was a tad more colorful, but I don't believe it to be appropriate here.) With an awesome name as West Weasels, I just had to come up with something equally awesome, hopefully, you'll agree that I did.

West Weasels is a quaint and cozy little town. I wanted to make it as extra cutesy as possible without going overboard. This fairytale neighborhood was originally intended as a home for all our supernatural sims to live in harmony together. I see it as a fun place for them to live and to come back to after their work day as storybook creatures is over. I see them as actors of sorts. Like the old Looney Toons where the wolf and the sheep dog chase each other on the clock, but when they punch out they are friends, or like the Disney movie Halloweentown, lots of monsters and creatures all living together like no one is different or strange. Then again, this is just how I see it for my game; I purposely left the town vanilla enough for everyone to make up their own story to go with it.

The quaint little town of West Weasels is a perfect place to slow down. Everyone here is friendly, and while some of them have quirks, no one minds.

There are plenty of affordable cute houses here. Seven of the ten on this street can be purchased straight out of pocket. The other homes in this neighborhood are at various price points.

There are plenty of things to do and places to shop at in West Weasels. We have a town square that is a great place to meet people, the city park is a lovely place to take in the outside. We also have an ice rink, a community center with swimming pool, and a row of shops; toys, baked goods, gifts, antiques, and a hair salon.

The old marina features a restaurant, a fish market, and a game hall. The hermit's hut is perfect for an old seadog, afordable and out of the way.

I hope you enjoy playing with this hood as much as I enjoyed making it.

P.S. Its a lot of work to get a project this big completed and uploaded, but I know its all worth it when I get to read all your comments. They really brighten my day, knowing that I've made people happy with my work. Thank you.

OFB, Pets, SSN, and MG Required

Known Issues: Whoops! The skating rink bathroom is missing its door! Be sure to add one in before you send simmies there or they'll be doing the potty dance the entire time they are there! I've fixed this in the separate download for the skate rink if you don't trust your building skills enough to add the black expensive wooden door.

Custom Content Included
Neighborhood Objects by Criquette
- Marina fishingboat single, Marina sailboat single, Marina wood pier short
- Walkway side, Walkway stairs right
Gable Ornament by Marina
- 2tiles - 8tiles
Stairs, Animation, and Ladder by Marvine
Slot Enable Package Countertop Mod by Numenor
Roof Trim Default, and Tire Swing by Phaenoh

Install Instructions:
Download all three files, you need both Part 1 and 2 of the hood and the Downloads archive. Remove the MTS_Phaenoh_(numbers) from their names and unrar them together. Don't forget to download the CC. Trust me you will want the CC I've chosen. I've tried very hard to keep the CC to a bare minimum because I know there are so many of us out there who don't like to use CC or don't like to download it in houses.

Place the folder N327 (number chosen for my birthday, corny maybe but I like it) in your Neighborhoods folder. Place the files from the downloads into your download folder. Start up the game and you should see West Weasels likely at the end of your neighborhoods list and it's custom thumbnail.