The Gamer Career!

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Brief Intro
This adds a 10-Level career similar to the one from the Sims 2: Seasons. It's based in the Criminal Hideout, due to lack of suitable locations. But the warehouse seems fit for some reason! This has been tested on Sunset Valley, Riverview and a custom world.

Beware, this career contains vast amounts of puns...

You need to have twallan's NRaas Career Mod installed which can be found here. Whats good about this is, you can add as many careers as you want, as long as they're based on the same framework. Also, if any future patches breaks the scripting that loads the careers, twallan is so up to date, he'll fix it real fast!

This shouldn't conflict with Awesome or IndieStone, as the framework it is based on does not.


1) Card Tournament Attendee - Days off: Mon, Fri. 10:00-16:00. $38 p/h (per hour)
You're playing the cards, whether Pokèmon, Yu-Gi-Oh or some dinosaur game. Enter the tournaments and use your fifteen-hundred attack power to kick your opponent sims' butts!

2) Gaming Tournament Champion - Days off: Wed, Sat. 09:00-16:00. $44 p/h
Be it at Call of Duty, Pokèmon or "Imagine: Teacher", you are a gaming ace. Every Sim fears you as you step into the tournament room. Some insult you from the window, for being a 'nerd'. They're just jealous, promise.

3) Video Game Tester - Days Off: Mon, Tues. 15:00-21:00. $50 p/h
This is where it the money comes in. You're finally being paid to PLAY video games. No tournaments, the real damn thing. Enjoy playing your Call of Duty, Brain Training or whatever it is you sims do with this opportunity.

4) Official Simtendo Magazine Reviewer - Days Off: Mon, Sat. 09:00-16:00. $76 p/h
Better work on that writing skill, because you've been hired as one of the OFFICIAL Simtendo Magazine's few reviewers! It's your job to tell readers which games are hot, which are not, and which games just really, shouldn't have been made.

5) Concept Artist - Days Off: Tues, Sat. 13:00-19:30. $97 p/h
Designing characters, worlds, enemies and whatever else for games is your job. Better get to work, who knows, maybe you'll get to crush your creation in the next game.

6) Graphics Editor - Days Off: Tues, Thurs. 14:00-20:00. $126 p/h
From designing to creating, you're now creating C.A.D to plop straight into the game. Concept Artists send in the ideas, you design them and poof! They're ready for play-testing.[I]

7) Quality Controller - [i]Days Off: Mon, Wed, Sun. 13:00-19:00. $151 p/h

Eight bit. Sixteen Bit. Get familiar with these because you're a Quality Controller! You have to make sure everything is the same with no flaws whatsoever.

8) Video Game Designer - Days Off: Weekend. 10:00-17:00. $189 p/h.
You design the games. The new hits on the market are genius ideas thought up by you. You brought back The Urbz at a whole new level. Next stop: Simic the Hedgehog really needs to be improved lately.

9) Video Game Programmer - Days Off: Mon, Tues, Fri. 14:00-21:00. $236 p/h.
You use your amazing programming skills to create the gameplay. This is a job so highly complex you can scarely imagine anyone else trying to attempt it. This is the hardest part of game development. Good Luck!

10) Head of Simtendo - Days Off: Weekend. 10:00-18:00. $383 p/h.
[I]You're the big shot. You're the head of Simtendo, Simland's greatest gaming company. All ideas must be submitted to you, and you get to play test anything if you so feel like it. Though it's not all fun and games, even if it is the Gamer Career.

Skills and Tones

For ALL Levels, you will need to work on your Video Gaming skill. This can only be done on the console, not by playing computer games.

For Level 4, you must work on your writing skill.

For Levels 5-8, you must work on your painting skill.

For Levels 9-10, you must work on your logic skill.

The tones are as follows:

Business As Usual
Work Hard -> Play Hardcore Mode
Take it Easy -> Play Easy Mode
Meet Coworkers -> Join Chatroom
Hang With Coworkers -> Play Online
Suck Up To Boss -> Complete Game for Boss
Extra Tone 1 -> Write Review (Improves Video Gaming and Writing Skills)
Extra Tone 2 -> Doodle (Improves Painting)
Extra Tone 3-> Play Dr. Kawasima's Brain Training (Logic. Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training is a game I'm sure you've heard of.)

Known Issues

The mod is only available in English. This will be updated soon, as V 1.1.

They're are currently no Career Events and Opportunities. Note the "currently". Yes, I am working on some. Chance card ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Anything Else?[/b
I'm now open for requests. PM me.

[b]Additional Credits:

~ Cheers to twallan for making this possible!
~ The Makers of S3PE for making this possible, also!
~ bluegenjutsu for helping me with the levels. (No way in HELL would I have got these good levels. You'd be dealing with things such as "Brainstormer" if she hadn't saved the day.
~ Anyone willing to translate.