The Sims 2 Glamour Life Startup Scrolls For High End Loft

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2010 at 9:01 PM
I had wanted to originally do some more of these for HELS based on the SPs and maybe some EPs in TS2, but looking at them, the only one that really fit here was Glamour Life Stuff. So if you have some nostalgia from the Sims 2, you're in luck, because I'm bringing back splines! Some things you should know:

1. High End Loft Stuff Pack is Required, and it must be the most recent eddition you have, if you have Ambitions (soon to be released) it won't show up.

2. Delphy's Framework installer for High End Loft Stuff is also Required. Even if you already used the Framework installer for World Adventures, you will still need to use the updated version found Here

3. You may not see them happen in the order in which mine are shown. Sims 3 startup scrolls are a bit different than 2. In the Sims 2 start up scrolls always went by in the same order, in the Sims 3 the game randomly chooses an order, and will only display 7 of 9 (hehe that reminds of Star Trek).

Made exclusively in S3PE (No STBL editor used)

Here are the new (old from GLS) start up scrolls:

Modeling Marquetry
Eschewing Everyday Aesthetics
Cultivating Quality and Class
Proscribing Plebeian Palates
Falsifying Faux Finishes
Invigorating Dull Habitations
Abolishing Pedestrian Posturing
Buffing Splines for Reticulation
Appointing Appealing Appurtenances
Simulating Sparkling Surfaces

I tried to make this for World Adventures as well (with BV) but I wasn't able to do that one, maybe one day I can keep trying and bring you one from that EP as well. It's because the STBL for World Adventures is sooooo long, and takes quite a while to load, whereas the STBL for HELS is rather short, and easier to work with.

I hope you enjoy it!