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Uploaded 22nd Mar 2010 at 9:00 AM · Updated 13th Mar 2011 at 4:50 PM by leroy157 : Update to use in CAW

The package name is; LeRoy157_Dock_With_Rowboat.package. After installing it you will find it in Buy Mode, Lawn Ornaments Catalog Name is now Rowboat and Dock. The Value is 700. The total Poly Count is 11,586 and it occupies 3 tile wide by 11 tile deep for an average poly count of 351 per tile These are also the dimensions I used for the bounding box. The footprint required when placing the dock and rowboat is 2 X 2 tiles or 4 square of tile. There are no recolorable items in this mesh. This is how I have used this object in my game. You can however just create a lot in town edit mode put a lake on it and then level a 2X2 tile area just one level above the water, place your dock, then smooth out the terrain, I created a lot in World Build Mode next to or just slightly into the water as shown in the pictures. Then I go into the game edit mode and level 2X2 square on or near the edge of the lot just one level above the water. I then place the dock with rowboat, use the smoothing tool to smooth it all out around the footprint after I have placed it. The landing on the front of the docks extends out about a half square so that when the ground is smoothed it will slightly cover the landing edge of the dock just as it would in real life. You could edit a lot in town edit mode make a lake, then place the dock extending into the lake. It can be done ether way. I have also translated the In Game Name, and Descrioption to all languages. I have updated this package to now us in CAW also, with simple modification listed elsewhere on this site

Polygon Counts:
Total poly count is 11,586

Additional Credits:
HugeLunatic for his article on Changing an Objects Footprint. I have even designed my project paper with a X Y Z Min Max Avg and Poly count included in it. Wheatberry added the Chinese, Taiwanese Translations. Thank You Wheatberry
Also I wish to thank all the people that have designed and created the software I use to create.

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