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Phantom of the Opera - Wishing Angel Graveyard

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2010 at 8:32 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2011 at 9:37 PM
This is the graveyard from the Phantom of the Opera movie. In movie, it's located in Paris, however, in the book it's located in Perros-Guirec.

In the movie it was featured after the 'Masquerade' scene. Christine Daae came here because she hasn't seen Phantom for three months. Emmy Rossum, who played Christine, had here a very nice and sad perform of 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' song. She was walking between graves, tombs and statues, until she finally reached her father's mausoleum, where she heard Phantom's (Gerard Butler) voice once again.

The graveyard was shown as spooky, covered with snow, gothic and at the same time peaceful place. It matched really good with the lyrics of the song and you could see the frozen and forgotten graves everywhere.

Also in the Gaston's Leroux book a church was mentioned, but in the movie it was shown for a very little period. I watched that scene for couple of thousand times before I realized how to build a church.

And monumental statues and tombs are all over the place. All of them are covered with snow and some of them have weeds.

I tried to copy the graveyard as best as I could, I even watched movie about movie just to figure that out. If you want to walk just like Christine, than you just need to follow the gray path which will lead you to mausoleum. Also if you have Seasons, just turn-on the snow and the effect will be full.

Lot requires: Uni and NL, no sps and a lot of cc which is mostly all included

CC Not Included:
bush recolors by NNNNatali

If you really need to get over something, or you miss someone very much, only this place will fully understand you.

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: 0

Custom Content by Me:
- Angel sorrow wall
- Dove stone wall
- Angel with tree wall
- Columns with bust wall
- Rise angel wall
- Monument wall
- Cross angel wall
- Arch grave bed wall
- Angel with two columns wall

Custom Content Included:
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestone 1 by bootsbrisket
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestone 2 by bootsbrisket
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestone 3 by bootsbrisket
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestone 4 by bootsbrisket
- Bootsbrisket's Gravestone 5 by bootsbrisket
- Manor House Garden Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie
- Above Ground Grave 1 by gromit
- Above Ground Grave 2 by gromit
- Grave Celtic Cross by gromit
- Grave Cross by gromit
- Grave Obalisk by gromit
- Statley Lion left by gromit
- Statley Lion right by gromit
- Grave Tomb by gromit
- Garden Statue Aphrodite by bundi2
- JB Grave Cross by jon119
- JB Gravestone with carved Flowers by jon119
- JB Gravestone wit carved Peace Dove by jon119
- Madonna and Child Statue by bundi2
- Angel headstone by mickyss
- Tree bay frosted recolor by NNNNatali
- Tree bay frosted 3 recolor by NNNNatali
- Tree bay winter snow 2 recolor by NNNNatali
- Japanese maple snow 1 recolor by NNNNatali
- Japanese maple snow 2 recolor by NNNNatali
- Japanese maple snow 5 recolor by NNNNatali
- Japanese maple snow 7 recolor by NNNNatali
- Japanese maple snow 10 recolor by NNNNatali
- Winter wood bench recolor by NNNNatali
- Snow for garden terrain by Erjot7
- Graveyard Grimm Statue by TheJim07
- Graveyard Grimm Statue metal recolor by TheJim07
- Graveyard Grimm Statue dark marble recolor by TheJim07
- A Show of Force statue by TheJim07
- Gally de Orleans statue by TheJim07
- Alexia Full of Hair statue by TheJim07
- Gloria statue by TheJim07
- Phillippe of Aznac statue by TheJim07
- The Stately Statue by TheJim07