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Naughty & Nice Female Skins

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2010 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 1st May 2010 at 4:39 AM
Naughty & Nice

Well it took forever but my female skin is finally done. I want to thank everyone who critiqued it for me and made suggestions, you guys rock. <3

It is available for teen through elder in both default and non-default. The non-default version comes with custom sliders.

Wooh. Best. Slider. Ever.


Anyway here it is:

The main changes were:
  • I edited the nostrils rather heavily. I started by using aikea guinea's nostril openings as a base (because the shape is lovely). They were a really good starting point for me to go crazy making the nostril shape I wanted. I made the holes a bit darker too and tried to define the actual skin of the nostrils a bit because I find the ea and other ones kind of flat.
  • I shaded the nose bridge a little and added some texture which ended up being so subtle you can't even see it, lol. Oh well. (texture was also added to the forehead)
  • I made a new inner eye corner and did some highlighting to give the illusion of lids. I shaded the sockets a little. I added some light lashes under the bottom lid.
  • I made some new lips and then added some texture to them using a photo supplied by fawkes over at mts. Cheers
  • The entire face had extra highlighting and shadowing.
  • The elder face had some blotchy brushes applied and a couple of extra wrinkles on the cheeks. There were some lip line wrinkles applied and crows feet to make her look a little older.
  • The entire body had heaps of shading and highlighting applied. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so that it would work on all ages but I also tried to keep it sensual.
  • The breasts were given a little more shape but I toned it back and made them look full but real, as opposed to looking as though they have breast implants. Thanks kitty.
  • I ended up making the back look realistic, originally it had more harsh highlighting along the spine and shoulder blades. Thanks jonha in particular for your advice.
  • Added nicer shading to the bottom and a couple of subtle dimples on the lower back. Added a more defined belly button.
  • I added some nipples and pubic hair to the Naughty version (not available here cos it's naughty.)

You can download the full default version or just the faces or bodies. Or if you have Rez Delnava's UI Mod installed you can get the Non-Defaults.

If you use defaults, remember to delete the simcompositorcache.package file from your mydocs > ea > sims3 directory before booting the game and remove any old default skins you have installed.

Note: the non-defaults only come in red, yellow and default tones at the moment. I plan on making some of my own fantasy skin tones later.

P.S. Sorry about the dodgy dark skin screenies, I think my graphics card is on the way out. It hates dark pixels.

Additional Credits:
aikea guinea for her default skintone creation tutorial and also for her nostril holes which I used as a template for making mine.
Rez Delnava for the non-default skintone ui mod
missyharries for her non-default skintone tutorial
CmarNYC for Skininator

Everyone who commented on my blog and in my thread on here. Thank you again, your comments have proven invaluable.